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Operation Armageddon Tsr Operation Armageddon Tsr

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome!! Wonder about the series...

little short but i understand it was a teaser
but mainly try to speed up the fight scenes a little bit and make the sound effects a little longer, also if your going to add voices your gonna need eyes and mouths for your characters so work on that
Overall it was a great movie, the music fit well and the fighting was ok, like i said needs to be increased in speed a bit... also try and avoid straight away shots, in a line, like at the end where he was running toward the boss head on the its hard to animate the other enemies popping up. If you want to show a scene like this show the entire path the character will be running on from far away( like the boss' view of of the fight and how it's coming toward him) and show all the enemies in proportion with the path, know what i mean?
anyway i can't wait for the real thing!!! i'll be sending you a demo reel soon with my voice for several characters and what not
keeping in touch to reach me just pm me when ever I'm always on and if not i will answer it As soon as i can, thanx!!

RockLou responds:

I understand what you mean with speeding up of the movie, but not the comment about longer sound effects. What do you mean with that?
And what exactly do you mean with 'straight away shots'? Are you saying it looks bad when the 'camera view' kinda follows him, in that end scene?
Well... thanks, and i'll be looking forward to hear from you.

(Naruto) Akatsuki Pirates (Naruto) Akatsuki Pirates

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Naruto+One Piece=Awsome

i was laughing so hard the entire time two of my favorite shows (well one of my favorite shows. i don't like one piece anymore since they changed the voice actors and all, but i still like the music... anyway back t what i was saying..) combined to make one hilarious parody, i like how you used the original theme instead of the added on one. also the cameo by jack sparrow made me laugh
your really are great at flash a have a good taste in humor when it comes done to it especially in this flash which you by the way completely ruled in... it is going directly to my favs!! yay ^^
thanx for the laughs

The Burly-Brawl Ep1 The Burly-Brawl Ep1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

O_O -Jaw Drop-

WOW!! that was freaking amazing, there was 3-d and 2-d i like how you combined them perfectly,worthy of an award even though it was kinda short though i understand because of all the work need to be put into it, it was set up in a way it could be a real movie!!! So professional man i can't even believe it you are going under my favs right away, K? (hehe that rhymed) can't wait for the next one, great job!! bet the next one will be even better

All Your Pie All Your Pie

Rated 5 / 5 stars


blueberry is my favorite like in the movie YAY!!! ^^
anyway this flash is my fav of all time!! pie, cool original characters and a cameo of Kingdom Hearts' "Simple and Clean" Sweet!!! Ark is so hilarious, and what was up with the mayor and that guy from the simpsons? So weird and random, but funny!!
remember, "Don't eat that pie" tsk tsk HEHHE XDXD :P

Come down samurai Come down samurai

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Go Samurai Go!!

Wow this is really good for a first post, did you make this just for the heck of it or did you plan on elaborating it into a story or something, it doesn't matter to me i just kinda like to know ^^
anyway it's really well draw and even though it is all silhouettes it's still very cool and good animation, just how i like it short simple and to the point!!!

gerar300 responds:

It was just a work for class, thanks for the comment :D

FFVI - Who Is Gogo? FFVI - Who Is Gogo?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great movie!!

cool i liked it alot, also i would love to help, i also pm'd you so check that out!!
can't wait to see what happens next, maybe you could add more action? huh?

Link Gets Hurt Once Again Link Gets Hurt Once Again

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Artistic Skillz

Wow i've never seen such amazing flash drawing skills!! Not only that but it was funny too!!! I like how Naruto made a cameo appearence XD
So thus i give it a perfect score and put you under my favs along with this flash bye can't wait for the next one ^^

Imp halloween part 2 Imp halloween part 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The boobs they're back!! i thought they would never return!!

anyway it was great and pretty funny only two problems, the dragon kinda changed colors and design and the flash was a little short... though i understand with the Evil Doc you've been working on but still... also some of it didn't really make sense, like the bird saluting and the house exploding/sinking into the ground
overall it still made me laugh!!!
p.s. still... THE BOOBS!!!!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Yeah, the dragon completely changed design in part 2.. that's why i should never do any work between one movie O_o;

Well the house sinking in the floor is what I call the "death villains exploding house" policy.
You know when a hero kills the villain, the villains dark castle or whatever immediatly starts cllapsing?
Well same here, except Djosh dind't have a dark castle but a normal suburbs house.

Evil doc episode 1, part2 Evil doc episode 1, part2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hilarious as always Roger!! How could it get any better but by having Miyamoto go insane and try and kill everyone then in the end get arrested. Jez man, how crazy can you and Alex get? Alex though has already gotten more violent, if thats even possible ^^; But u guys are hilarious anyway that is why you guys are the two of my most favorite artists, your jokes just never get old!!
I like how you added a cameo from Bowser's Master Plan (crap i think thats what that flash was called) it was funny how Pete got fit in like that. He is always getting injured or attacked in some way he kinda like a lackey or a scapegoat whenever you or Alex are in trouble if if a joke has a hole in it!!! XDXD
Great edition to your collection of memorable flashes and to the new Evil Doc series!! XD
'till next time

p.s. in real life is Alex always this crazy or what? she sure is funny though! XD Also i kinda got a question... how did you guys ever end up teaming up and creating Evil Doc? I sorta missed the memo there...
thanx bye XDXD :P

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The Hobbit - Act I The Hobbit - Act I

Rated 5 / 5 stars


it was great as usual but i can tell that your flash skills have diffidently improved
i like saurons's new look its a lot color and matches him better. Also the mouths match much better now
it's such a great series and i can't wait till the next one!!!