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I can't get it out of my head!! XD Awesome

So catchy and fun to watch!! your style is unique and love the assortment of characters. I think i've watched it 15 times now and i'm still not bored ^^
i haven't written a review in a while and this caught my eye so i wanted to show my appreciation ^^

one question "The Hero" kid that looks like Link, i know he isn't but why does he have those fairies? they look just lik the faries out of zelda! Is it because Link is based off him, or you just through the faries in for the hell of it?

Watever it's still AWESOME!!!

anyway thanks for endless entertainment ^^


you had EVERYTHING, jokes, memes, sex, cock jokes and even the Nostalgia Critic!! How'd you get him on board?
this movie is fucking amazing, its well animated and is really quite funny.
when the entire thing is done and finished i think you should combine it all into a feature length film... I'd fucking buy it no doubt, its worth $40+ !!!

though i wish there was a pause button, fast forward and watever, but thats fine i know its not really your thing, but it would be nice and make it easier to navigate

later if you get the time when your done or maybe sooner you should combine the last few parts into Part 1 instead, would make it less cumbersome to find and load up. Though that is just my opinion there might be a issue with the flash size but watever

i liked that during the sex scene, Rina yelled out something about Super Smash Brawl, that made me laugh!! Also in back of the shrine i noticed the rock pillar looking like a penis... was that intended? lol, probably... anyway loved how you guys are all working together on this it really is quite amazing, and mind blowing that your able to accomplish all this, you guys make a great team and please give my appreciation to everyone who worked on this, i only wish i could animate like you guys

Good Work Guys (you guys need a team name really... wow, that was lame ^^;)
Don't let anyone bash you for it, you really have created something amazing, funny and unique.


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...yes it is a win

i voted five for the newgrounds tankman voice ^^

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sshafty1 responds:

And JohnnyUtah thinks he's the only one that can do it...



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Its Broken

its says collect 20 you only need to collect two

KyleDaFox responds:

No you must collect all 20.

Very Good RE-Editing!!!

you seemed to fix all the glitches in the game from previous versions and so far i don't see much wrong with it
it was very entertaining and addicting now that you added a skip button, i also must give you props for using my CRAP OF DEATH you are truly the biggest and greatest COD fan ever and i must give you points for that
the screen size could have been bigger in some level though there is a whole area of the screen with nothing it would of been great if you had filled it in with something and made the score box bigger
sorry i haven't commented in a while and i hope this make up for it a bit
p.s. thanks for my B-day present

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Your welcome!

Very Entertaining

reminded me much of Elite Beat Agents and was a very entertaining song good job
you should submit more work

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Hilarious and sooooo true!!!

i found it very funny and became a instant fav
id love to see this animated and i would love to be the one to do so but i wanted to see if was okay with you but it might take a while but id be glad to do it ^^
you got a great voice and i was convinced it was the real thing!!
keep up the good work ^^

strike911 responds:

Working on getting it animated currently.

Greatest Trailer Ever

that is the best cast ever!! i was laughing histarically at every part holy crap i can't breath OH Jezz... strawberry clock?! and the telephone guy!!
jez... how do you think of this stuff man the most random thing i have ever heard!!!
....i just want to SEE the trailer that would be hilarious, i'd help animate but i suck at that stuff... ^^ nice job man

Nice Job

great job with what your doin here i really like it
it's really nice to here a serious song out of you for a change, not that i don't like Fatty, but don't lose your roots in music man ^^

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

LOL, yeah, I am back to making music now. ^__^

43 songs out now!! WOOTY WOOT!

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Love it

The style and perspective is cool and nice to look at, i simply love it

Did you get any influence of the outfit of Alice from Shinobu in NMH?
i just seemed to remind me of her ^^

keep at it

I like anime, video games, and drawing... i am an ARTIST... sorta... so i guess you can call me an Otaku ^^

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